PLAE Shoe Design Features

PLAE makes it easy to customize your kicks. when it comes to little feet that may need extra room, this is especially important.

1) wider toe box - PLAE designs shoes with an extra roomy toe box and removable insoles. all the more comfy with plenty of room to wiggle while you roam—and surprisingly easy to put on and slide off.

I received the two pairs I ordered for my 4 yr old yesterday and they fit perfectly! she has wide feet so I was a little concerned but SHE LOVES THEM and I will definitely be coming back for more!

- Marisol

wider toe box

removable insole, wide opening

2) 3-dimensional fit - PLAE offers shoe tabs in various lengths to provide a custom fit for varying girth or instep size - not just the bottom of the foot.

lower instep

higher instep

our tabs come in 4 lengths so you can adjust to fit accordingly!

tab sizes
my 3 year old LOVES them! we struggle with shoes because my son has wide feet. these shoes fit great and he doesn't want to take them off.

- Landon