Tab Designer by PLAE

The new customizing tool that lets your imagination and style run wild.

The new customizing tool that lets your imagination and style run wild.

Design Your Tabs

Four Tabs. Endless Combinations.

Four Tabs. Endless Combinations.

Today it's dinosaurs. Tomorrow it's dancing. If they love it, it can be designed—in any number of tabulous ways.

Start Customizing

Create Your Own in 3 Easy Steps.

Create Your Own in 3 Easy Steps.

1. Pick your tab size.

2. Upload cool images.

(PLAE reviews all designs and may cancel your order if it contains unauthorized copyright material.)

3. Drag & drop onto tabs.

Let's Get Artistic

Your designs. Your tabs. Your style.

Your designs. Your tabs. Your style.

It's Design Time

Gotta run?

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Soft Buc
Navy (4 pack)

Dia De Los Muertos $14.95

Flower (4 pack)

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Tab Designer FAQ

Tab Designer is a brand new feature and we are stoked to share with you. However, some of the details you encounter here may differ from the rest of your site experience—so pardon our creative dust!

Are custom designed tab sales final?

We created this just for you so we unfortunately we cannot accept returns.

Can we use discount codes with the designer?

At the moment, we don't have any discount codes that can be used with the Tab Designer. But if we find any we'll let you know!

Are designs from Tab Designer stored in my account?

You can totally save a design if you are logged into your Tab Designer account.

Does my account link to here?

So it's like this — Tab Designer is a separate thing, which means it does not sync with your account. But as mentioned above, you can build an account on the Tab Designer platform and save your progress there.

Can I use my reward points on the Tab Designer?

Sadly, no. But that means you'll have more to use on Score!

When can I expect my tabs to arrive?

We work with a third party entity who help bring your artwork to life. These guys work really hard, so you can expect your order to arrive via USPS in 7-14 days.

Can I change the size?

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed there are no take-backs.

Can this be added to my shoe order?

This is another one of those separate things again (see #4). Because Tab Designer operates on a completely different platform than, your orders will be shipped separately.

Can shipping be expedited?

Not yet.

Is there XXL?

At the moment no, but who knows what the future holds…

Why was my design rejected?

We encourage one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork and photography with Tab Designer. Get creative! However, our team will reject any design and issue a refund if there is a copyright infringement.

Do you have pre-designed graphics for me to use?

Right now we don't have pre-designed graphics on the Tab Designer platform. But feel free to use any type of image, so long as isn't owned by anyone else or copyright protected.

Do I earn reward points for my purchase of custom tabs?

For now, no. Since your Tab Designer purchase is separate from your account, rewards aren't available. Great question though!