WorldWideWomen Foundation + CODE GIVEGIRLSFEST

NOTE: Exciting changes are happening to our PLAE-It-Forward (PIF) program! Continue reading after your inspiration boost from WorldWideWomen Foundation to learn more about PIF 2.0.

Think back to a time when you witnessed a child’s imagination spark. Saw the look in their eyes when they suddenly discovered something. You know, that twinkle they can’t contain as they begin to believe something is possible. Now imagine that experience happening for thousands of children at once. Imagine it happening for thousands of girls at once. That’s what the WorldWideWomen Foundation’s Girls Festival, taking place November 9th at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, delivers. That spark of creativity. The birthplace of an idea, of a possible future previously unexplored. The girls’ backgrounds don’t matter. Ideas, creativity, empowerment, and access to resources do.

Photos care of WorldWideWomen

WorldWideWomen Founder and CEO Maureen Broderick has quite a fascinating and creative background of her own. A former professional ballerina, she launched both WorldWideWomen and her own marketing firm, Broderick and Co., after working as the first female marketer at Price Waterhouse. Her shift from ballet to business may have surprised some, but Maureen has successfully moved with grace and fluidity between the arenas, the primary common thread being her commitment to female empowerment.

Photos care of WorldWideWomen

WorldWideWomen has created a virtual place for women and girls from all over the globe to connect, collaborate, and create. And people interested in buying from women-owned businesses can find an ever-growing “BuyFromWomen”™ directory on the site, organized by service and product categories. Keeping in line with the company’s mission to uplift, inspire, and empower girls and women, WorldWideWomen Foundation hosts the annual Girls’ Festival, which has attracted more than 10,000 girls and their families in only three years! As if it were Lollapalooza or SXSW, more than 7,000 girls and their families are expected to attend this year’s 4th annual festival. Mind. Blown.

Just imagine how bright our collective future will be, with girls and their families being empowered, having access to a wealth of resources, and taking time and space to explore and create. And not in a silo. Unified. Want to see more of this in the world? Want all girls and their families, regardless of zip code, to be included? Great! We do, too.

And now our PLAE-It-Forward (PIF) program better reflects our commitment to the common good than ever before. Beginning today, when you use checkout code GIVEGIRLSFEST (or any other PIF code) at, we here at PLAE will:

  1. donate 10% of your purchase price to WorldWideWomen Foundation (or whichever nonprofit is associated with the PIF checkout code you use), and 
  2. we will give you a 10% discount on your purchase, too! 

That’s right, baby. PIF 2.0.