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Ever been disappointed by how your holiday season played out? Consider that young people who live in residential foster care rely on nonprofit organizations like David & Margaret Youth and Family Services to provide them with meals, gifts, and outings for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ever felt like you were unprepared to step out into the world on your own as you entered adulthood? Imagine what it’s like when you have little to no familial support, access to resources and opportunities, or fall-back options.

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In the United States alone, there are more than 400,000 children in foster care, upwards of 55,000 of whom reside in California. Jadie Delgado, who now works for David & Margaret Youth and Family Services, was initially introduced to the nonprofit organization by a foster mom and heard the call to step up and support our vulnerable young people full time. “The transition to adulthood can be very challenging for all young adults,” Jadie notes, “but is even more difficult for youth aging out of the foster system. Without adequate preparation, they face negative outcomes which often include poverty, teen pregnancy, homelessness, incarceration, and even sexual exploitation.” In the United States, approximately 23,000 children “age out” of the foster care system each year. Recognizing an urgent need to help young people who have “aged out” of foster care, David & Margaret created the Youth Workforce Training Program (YWTP) to offer individualized coaching and support to help youth gain the skills needed to be ready for whatever step they take next.

Photos care of David & Margaret Youth and Family Services

Though the organization has existed for over a century, David & Margaret continually adapts its services to meet the current needs of youth and their families facing the most challenging of times. Established in 1910, David & Margaret Youth and Family Services serves approximately 1,700 individuals each year. Youth ages 11-24 from foster care and the juvenile justice systems comprise the largest percentage of people receiving David & Margaret’s culturally-diverse services, which include placement with a foster family, adoptive services, mental health and addiction services, residential foster care, paid internships for youth aging out of foster care, a learning enhancement center, and a private school.

“Children have been uprooted from their home and need a place to feel safe,” Jadie shares. David & Margaret’s primary goal is to renew hope and inspire change for these children and their families, so they are first and foremost given a safe and stable environment while they are separated from their families. Since many young people come to David & Margaret in a vulnerable state, the warm welcome, much-needed services, and individualized care offered are life-altering.

When you are in the Los Angeles area, you are invited to dine at Dave and Maggie’s Café and shop at The Store @ David and Margaret; both the cafe and store offer paid internships to transitional-aged youth and create revenue which fund the services offered at David & Margaret. You can also check out the wish lists generated by youth who rely on David & Margaret Youth and Family Services on the nonprofit’s website -- the young people’s requests mean more to them than most of us will ever know. In addition to these opportunities to give and many more opportunities to volunteer, you can now use checkout code GIVE037 to donate 10% of your PLAE purchase price directly to David & Margaret Youth and Family Services. You can also find David & Margaret Youth and Family Services on Facebook and Instagram.