The Bubbly Jane

Easy on. Easy off. These comfy kicks are ready for whatever the day may bring.  

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PLAE Your Way

We all start small. And our award-winning line of designer kids’ shoes are built for those tiny first steps — and beyond. From the classroom to the backyard, PL:AE shoes stay with them every step of the way. So they can hide easier. Seek longer. And play their way, all day.

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The Fun In Functional

Dress Up & Get Down


Durable Shoes For Kids On The Go
We make better and cool sneakers for kids, so they are free to be who they are and do what they love — wherever, whenever.

Love the durability, the combination of “dressy” and sporty styles
- Meghan L.

I love them so much! I can run fast fast fast!"
- Molly (Age 5)

They are insanely stylish, crazy comfortable, and I get compliments every time I wear them!"
-Anna K.

Not wasting money on cheap fall-apart-and-replace shoes anymore. I’ll buy PLAE for as long as he’ll wear them."
- Tasha M.


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